Costume Forums & Resources
Costume Supplies
  • Spoonflower  - shop where you can print your own custom fabric
  • TAP Plastics  - chain of stores on west coast where we get a lot of our casting/plastic supplies
  • Silpak  - shop that we mail order casting supplies from. We really like their quickcast resin.
  • Smooth-on  - great place to get prop making materials like urethanes, silicones, and resins
  • Reynolds Advanced Materials  - west coast based store that carries Smooth-on products
Historical Costume Resources
  • American Duchess  - a historical costuming blog and historical shoe shop
  • Bridges on the Body  - a historical corset blog. She does corset sew-alongs which are fun to participate in.
  • Truly Victorian  - patterns for Victorian garb
  • J.P. Ryan  - patterns for 18th century
  • Lacis  - historical costuming supplies. We get the majority of our corsetry items here.
Cosplayers / Costumers